• Chemistry
  • Published 2013

Hydroxyfluorapatite membrane growing on enamel surface

  title={Hydroxyfluorapatite membrane growing on enamel surface},
  author={岳雪涛 and 徐丽娜 and 张丰庆 and 田清波 and 李静 and 井敏},
The invention discloses a hydroxyfluorapatite membrane growing on an enamel surface and relates to a hydroxyfluorapatite membrane with a certain structure and morphology, which is prepared on the enamel surface by a chemical method. The hydroxyfluorapatite membrane is prepared by the steps of firstly, preprocessing an enamel sample with 30% phosphoric acid; then soaking the enamel sample in a solution in which a certain amount of calcium nitrate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, ethylene diamine… CONTINUE READING