Hydroxycut hepatotoxicity

  title={Hydroxycut hepatotoxicity},
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TO THE EDITOR: Over-the-counter herbal supplements to promote weight loss have become increasingly popular. Several of these products contain potentially hepatotoxic substances. We present the first reported Australian case of acute hepatotoxicity associated with the weight-loss product Hydroxycut Hardcore (Iovate Health Sciences, Blasdell, NY, USA). Hydroxycut contains various ingredients, including extracts of the herbs Garcinia cambogia and Camelia sinesis (green tea root), and the chromium… 

Drug-induced liver injury: a summary of recent advances

The new and updated DILI registries for 2010 are presented, including the latest information on the causes and outcomes of non-acetaminophen DILi cases in the US Acute Liver Failure Study Group database.

What's new about inflammatory bowel diseases in Ischemic colitis induced by the newly reformulated multicomponent weight-loss supplement Hydroxycut(®).

This is a first case of ischemic colitis with clear relationship with hydroxycut use, and demonstrates the importance of questioning patients regarding the usage of dietary supplements; especially since many patients consider them safe and do not disclose their use voluntarily to their physicians.

Toxicology and Drug Interactions of Nutraceuticals

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  • Biology
    Nutraceuticals in Veterinary Medicine
  • 2019
This chapter attempts to summarise and tabulate many of the better known adverse toxicological and drug–drug interactional effects of nutraceuticals and botanical supplements. Because of the large

Anti-obesity effects of green tea extracts on humans

Current evidence on green tea does not support the use of it as an anti-obesity agent and it should be considered a drink, very much like any other tea or coffee, till further evidence of efficacy and safety are proven.

Dietary supplements: physician knowledge and adverse event reporting.

Information gaps in DS information and AE reporting were identified and a centralized AE reporting system could serve to identify potentially harmful DS for further evaluation.

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Advice to consumers regarding Hydroxycut products

  • Therapeutic Goods Administration

Acute liver injury associated with the herbal supplement Hydroxycut in a soldier deployed to Iraq [ letter ]

  • Am J Gastroenterol
  • 2007