Hydroxyapatite cement. I. Basic chemistry and histologic properties.

  title={Hydroxyapatite cement. I. Basic chemistry and histologic properties.},
  author={Peter David Costantino and Craig Friedman and Kylie Jones and Laurence C. Chow and Harold J. Pelzer and George Sisson},
  journal={Archives of otolaryngology--head & neck surgery},
  volume={117 4},
Hydroxyapatite cement is a unique calcium phosphate preparation that can be shaped intraoperatively and sets in vivo to an implant composed of microporous hydroxyapatite. The histologic response to this cement was evaluated by implanting disks made of this material within the heads of nine cats. Three sets of 12 hydroxyapatite cement disks were produced containing 0%, 10%, and 20% macropores by volume, respectively. The disks were implanted subcutaneously, intramuscularly, above the periosteum… CONTINUE READING


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