Hydroxyapatite/PMMA composites as bone cements.

  title={Hydroxyapatite/PMMA composites as bone cements.},
  author={Kristine T Chu and Yoshiki Oshida and Everett B Hancock and Michael J Kowolik and Thomas M Barco and Susan L. Zunt},
  journal={Bio-medical materials and engineering},
  volume={14 1},
Currently PMMA is the polymer most commonly used as a bone cement for the fixation of total hip prostheses. Ideally, a bone cement material should be easy to handle, biologically compatible, nonsupporting of oral microbial growth, available in the particulate and molded forms, easy to obtain, nonallergenic, adaptable to a broad range of dental and medical applications, in possession of high compressive strength, and effective in guided tissue regenerative procedures. One of the problems… CONTINUE READING