Hydrotreatment of bio-oil over Ni-based catalyst.

  title={Hydrotreatment of bio-oil over Ni-based catalyst.},
  author={Xinghua Zhang and Tiejun Wang and Longlong Ma and Qi Zhang and Ting Jiang},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
Inexpensive non-sulfided Ni-based catalysts were evaluated for hydrotreatments using phenol as model compound. HZSM-5, a zeolite with different ratio of Si/Al and γ-Al(2)O(3) were impregnated with Ni(NO(3))(2) · 6H(2)O and calcined at 450 °C. Conversion rates and product distribution for treatment of phenol at 160-240 °C in the presence of catalysts with nickel loads of 6, 10, 14 and 17 wt.% were determined. Phenol conversion was highest (91.8%) at 240 °C in the presence of HZSM-5(Si/Al = 38… CONTINUE READING
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