Hydrothermal synthesis of boehmite and α-alumina from Bayer’s alumina trihydrate

  title={Hydrothermal synthesis of boehmite and $\alpha$-alumina from Bayer’s alumina trihydrate},
  author={P. K. Panda and V. A. Jaleel and S. Usha Devi},
  journal={Journal of Materials Science},
a-Alumina (Al2O3) is a ceramic material used widely due to its versatile properties such as high temperature stability, high strength at high temperature, high hardness with higher wear resistance, good thermal shock resistance etc [1, 2]. In addition, it is available abundantly at relatively low cost, therefore, is a popular material for fabrication of structural components, electronic substrates etc. a-Al2O3 is generally prepared by Bayer’s process [3], pyrolysis of suitable salts [4… 
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Specific features of the phase transition of gibbsite into boehmite under hydrothermal treatment of floccules in an aqueous suspension
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