Hydrothermal conversion of municipal organic waste into resources.

  title={Hydrothermal conversion of municipal organic waste into resources.},
  author={Motonobu Goto and Ryusaku Obuchi and Tsutomu Hirose and Tsuyoshi Sakaki and Masao Shibata},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={93 3},
Sub- and supercritical water have been focused on as an environmentally attractive reaction media where organic materials can be decomposed into smaller molecules. We applied a hydrothermal reaction in subcritical water to the treatment of rabbit food as a model municipal solid waste. The reaction was carried out in a batch reactor at the temperature range of 473-623 K or in a semi-continuous reactor with the temperature profile from 473 to 573 K. The liquid reaction products were separated… CONTINUE READING

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