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Hydropower as clean and renewable energy source for electricity generation

  title={Hydropower as clean and renewable energy source for electricity generation},
  author={Kamil Kaygusuz},
  journal={The Journal of Engineering Research},
  • K. Kaygusuz
  • Published 4 June 2016
  • Environmental Science, Engineering, Physics
  • The Journal of Engineering Research
Hydropower is a mature and fairly simple technology: the potential energy of a water source is converted into kinetic energy that spins a turbine driving an electricity generator. The kinetic energy of falling water was used for grinding wheat more than 2 000 years ago. Since late 19th century, hydropower has been used to generate electricity. At present, about 160 countries worldwide use hydropower technology for power generation. With a total installed capacity of 1 060 GWe, hydropower… 

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