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Hydrolysis of N,N- and N,S-dimethyl derivatives of 2-thiophenobarbital.

  title={Hydrolysis of N,N- and N,S-dimethyl derivatives of 2-thiophenobarbital.},
  author={Monika Tarsa and G. Żuchowski and J. Bojarşki},
  journal={Acta poloniae pharmaceutica},
  volume={60 4},
Kinetics of hydrolysis of N,N- and N,S-dimethyl-2-thiophenobarbital and products of this reaction were investigated. The UV spectroscopy served as a tool for kinetic investigations and chromatography was used to separate and isolate the main products of hydrolysis. These products were identified by spectroscopic methods and the course of hydrolysis of both isomers was compared. 
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