Hydrolysis and resynthesis of sucrose and related sugars in the developing stem tissues of Eucalyptus regnans trees

  title={Hydrolysis and resynthesis of sucrose and related sugars in the developing stem tissues of Eucalyptus regnans trees},
  author={Sing H. Tham and Charles M. Stewart},
SummaryWhen cambial tissues are removed from tree stems of Eucalyptus regnans F. Muell. and incubated in vitro with [14C]glucose, [14C]galactose and [14C]fructose in the presence of sufficient PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) radioactive sucrose, members of the raffinose family and related sugars are synthesized. These results suggest that PVP inactivates substances which, in in vitro experiments, inhibit the action of enzymes which are essential to the resynthesis of nutrient sugars (sucrose… 


The effect of season of growth on the chemical composition of cambial saps of Eucalyptus regnans trees
Multiple regression analyses showed that season of growth has a significant effect on sucrose, glucose, fructose, total sugars and soluble dry-matter, maxima being recorded near the start of autumn and spring, and minima near the beginning of winter and summer; that oligosaccharide and myoinositol contents are significantly related to atmospheric temperature; and that rainfall has asignificant effect on the hexose and total sugar contents.
Formation of Phenolic Substances in the Ray Parenchyma of Angiosperms
IN the course of an investigation into the origin of phenolic substances in ray parenchyma (Wardrop and Cronshaw, in preparation), it has been observed that some of these substances appeared to
Effects of some phenoloxidase inhibitors on chloroplasts and carboxylating enzymes of sugar cane and spinach
Strong reducing agents, copper chelators, low O2 tension and high pH were effective in reducing phenoloxidase activity, but presented problems in the isolation and assay of chloroplasts.
The Biosynthesis of Sucrose and Nucleoside Diphosphate Glucoses in Phaseolus aureus.
The data suggest that sucrose-phosphate synthetase and sucrose phosphatase are the enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of sucrose from photosynthetically fixed CO(2), and that the major function of Sucrose Synthetase is to catalyze the synthesis of UDP-, ADP-, dTDP-, CDP-, and GDP-glucose from translocated sucrose in nonphotosynthetic tissues.
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