Hydrolysis and photolysis of flumioxazin in aqueous buffer solutions.

  title={Hydrolysis and photolysis of flumioxazin in aqueous buffer solutions.},
  author={Jeong-Wook Kwon and Kevin L Armbrust and Timothy L Grey},
  journal={Pest management science},
  volume={60 9},
To determine the degradation rates and degradation products of the herbicide flumioxazin in aqueous buffer solutions (pH 5, 7 and 9), its hydrolysis and photolysis were investigated at 30 degrees C in the dark, and in a growth chamber fitted with fluorescent lamps simulating the UV output of sunlight. The rate of hydrolysis of flumioxazin was accelerated by increasing pH. The t(1/2) values at pH 5, 7 and 9 were 16.4, 9.1 and 0.25 h, respectively. Two degradation products were detected and their… CONTINUE READING