Hydrologic control on redox and nitrogen dynamics in a peatland soil.

  title={Hydrologic control on redox and nitrogen dynamics in a peatland soil.},
  author={S Rubol and Whendee L Silver and Alberto Bellin},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
Soils are a dominant source of nitrous oxide (N(2)O), a potent greenhouse gas. However, the complexity of the drivers of N(2)O production and emissions has hindered our ability to predict the magnitude and spatial dynamics of N(2)O fluxes. Soil moisture can be considered a key driver because it influences oxygen (O(2)) supply, which feeds back on N(2)O sources (nitrification versus denitrification) and sinks (reduction to dinitrogen). Soil water content is directly linked to O(2) and redox… CONTINUE READING
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