Hydrogenosomes in the rumen entodiniomorphid ciliate Polyplastron multivesiculatum.

  title={Hydrogenosomes in the rumen entodiniomorphid ciliate Polyplastron multivesiculatum.},
  author={R G Paul and Alan G. Williams and Ronald Derek Butler},
  journal={Journal of general microbiology},
  volume={136 10},
The rumen entodiniomorphid ciliate protozoon Polyplastron multivesiculatum was shown, by biochemical and electron microscopic techniques, to possess hydrogenosomes. After differential centrifugation of whole cell homogenates the hydrogenosomal marker enzymes pyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase and hydrogenase were recovered predominantly (61% and 70% of activity respectively) in the large granular fractions that were sedimented by centrifugation for 10(4) g-min (fraction P1) and 10(5) g-min… CONTINUE READING
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