Hydrogenation of cinchona alkaloids over supported Pt catalyst.

  title={Hydrogenation of cinchona alkaloids over supported Pt catalyst.},
  author={G. Sz{\"o}ll{\~o}si and P{\'e}ter Forg{\'o} and Mih{\'a}ly Bart{\'o}k},
  volume={15 Suppl},
The heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of two isomeric cinchona alkaloids, cinchonidine and cinchonine, was studied over Pt/Al(2)O(3) in 1N H(2)SO(4) solution under 100 bar H(2) at 25 degrees C. Cinchonidine was transformed into two diastereomeric hexahydroderivatives by hydrogenation of ring A (with N) of the quinoline moiety (yield over 95%, diastereomeric ratio 2/3), whereas hydrogenation of cinchonine resulted in the formation of three products, the major one being formed by the… CONTINUE READING