Hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth by oxidizing the organic structure.

  title={Hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth by oxidizing the organic structure.},
  author={Hazem Eimar and Ryan A. Siciliano and Mohamed-Nur Abdallah and Samer Abi Nader and Wala Majid Amin and P Mart{\'i}nez and Alicia Celem{\'i}n and Marta Cerruti and Faleh Tamimi},
  journal={Journal of dentistry},
  volume={40 Suppl 2},
OBJECTIVES The mechanism of tooth bleaching using peroxide oxidizers is not fully understood. It is unknown whether peroxide radicals make teeth whiter by deproteinizing, demineralizing, or oxidizing tooth tissues. This study was designed to define the mechanism of tooth bleaching and determine which of tooth enamel chemical components is/are affected by bleaching. METHODS Sixty sound teeth were collected from adult patients. The teeth were divided into 6 equal groups (n=10). Groups 1, 2, 3… CONTINUE READING