Hydrogen peroxide ingestion associated with portal venousgas and treatment with hyperbaric oxygen: a case seriesand review of the literature

  title={Hydrogen peroxide ingestion associated with portal venousgas and treatment with hyperbaric oxygen: a case seriesand review of the literature},
  author={Loren Keith French and B. Zane Horowitz and Nathanael J. Mckeown},
  journal={Clinical Toxicology},
  pages={533 - 538}
INTRODUCTION Ingestion of concentrated hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) has been associated with venous and arterial gas embolic events, hemorrhagic gastritis, gastrointestinal bleeding, shock, and death. [] Key Method Cases were reviewed for the concentration of H(2)O(2), symptoms, CT scan findings of portal gas embolism, HBO treatment, and outcome. RESULTS; Eleven cases of portal gas embolism were found. Ages ranged from 4 to 89 years. All but one ingestion was accidental in nature. In 10 cases 35% H(2)O(2…
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for systemic gas embolism after hydrogen peroxide ingestion.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the prevention of arterial gas embolism in food grade hydrogen peroxide ingestion
Portal venous gas emboli after accidental ingestion of concentrated hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide ingestions: The scope of the injury
Patients of interest were chosen to report because of suicide intent, exposure to 35% H 2 O 2, or lower concentrations with high volumes and/or symptomatology such as throat irritation, vomiting, or hematemesis, and limited data on the appropriate imaging studies and management strategies for suspected ingestions.
A naturopathic cause of portal venous gas embolism. Hydrogenperoxide ingestion causing significant portal venous gas and stomach wall thickening.
Question: A 49-yearold man presented with severe epigastric pain and nonbloody emesis after ingestion of a naturopathic treatment for type 2 diabetes mellitus. He denied recent ingestion of
Ultrasound to evaluate effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy
The patient had persistent abdominal pain and vomiting refractory to antiemetics, and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) at 3 atmospheres was pursued, withications for HBOT after H2O2 ingestion are not standardized.
Intentional Ingestion of Hydrogen Peroxide
In this case, the patient intentionally ingested a low concentration (15%) of hydrogen peroxide and as a result experienced first degree burns in the esophagus and mistakenly exposed the patient to major surgery.
Extra Oxygen Leads to Bubble Trouble: Portal Vein Gas Embolism from 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Ingestion
This is the fifth reported case of gas embolism after 3% hydrogen peroxide ingestion and stands in line with other reports where the patients improved with conservative management.
Outcomes After High‐Concentration Peroxide Ingestions


[Acute intoxication with hydrogen peroxide with air emboli in central nervous system--a case report].
UNLABELLED 54-year-old woman with brain gas emboli after an accidental ingestion of concentrated hydrogen peroxide was described. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a water-soluble, caustic liquid. Exposure
Cerebral air gas embolism from concentrated hydrogen peroxide ingestion
A case of CAGE after accidental ingestion of 33% hydrogen peroxide treated with HBOT resulting in reversal of both the clinical and radiologic abnormalities is reported, suggesting hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be of benefit in reversing the symptoms and preventing permanent neurological impairment.
Hemorrhagic gastritis and gas emboli after ingesting 3% hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen Peroxide: A Source of Lethal Oxygen Embolism Case Report and Review of the Literature
A protocol delineating the medicolegal investigation and postmortem examination of fatalities caused by the ingestion of hydrogen peroxide is offered and it is suggested that child-resistant containers are in order.
Acute cerebral gas embolism from hydrogen peroxide ingestion successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen.
This is the first case reported in the literature of hyperbaric therapy used successfully to treat cerebral gas embolism caused by hydrogen peroxide.
Resolution of delayed altered mental status associated with hydrogen peroxide ingestion following hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Stuart J Vander Heide, J. Seamon
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Academic emergency medicine : official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
  • 2003
To the best of the authors' knowledge, this is the first reported case of reversal of significant altered mental status associated with hydrogen peroxide ingestion in temporal relation with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Hydrogen Peroxide Poisoning
Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidising agent that is used in a number of household products, including general-purpose disinfectants, chlorine-free bleaches, fabric stain removers, contact lens
Hydrogen peroxide poisoning causing brain infarction: neuroimaging findings.
The findings show the high toxicity of concentrated hydrogen peroxide, and CNS damage and death are likely consequences after ingestion of this agent.
Gastrointestinal perforation and the acute abdomen.