Hydrogen peroxide as a hemostatic agent in tonsillectomy: Is it beneficial?

  title={Hydrogen peroxide as a hemostatic agent in tonsillectomy: Is it beneficial?},
  author={Saai Ram Thejas and Ravindranath Vinayak and Mohan Sindu},
  journal={Saudi Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery},
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Background: Tonsillectomy as a surgical procedure has been practiced by ENT surgeons for a very long time. A common indication for Tonsillectomy is Chronic Tonsillitis, among others. The surgery is largely safe irrespective of the method used. Haemorrhage can be a life-threatening complication post Tonsillectomy if it is not identified and treated immediately. Various techniques are used to achieve haemostasis and prevent haemorrhage including surgical tie, cautery, local application of… 

Effect of Topical Hydrogen Peroxide on Postoperative Blood Loss in Patients Undergoing Laminectomy

H2O2 can reduce postoperative blood loss and preserves higher levels of Hb & Hct in a safe and effective manner compared to control group.

Acute respiratory syndrome-2 (SARS-CoV-2): A solution of hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate as an expectorant for recanalization of the respiratory tract and blood oxygenation in respiratory obstruction (review)

The review shows that a new vector for the search and development of medicines for the drug elimination of hypoxia in respiratory obstruction has been identified in Russia and original formulations of solutions of hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate are given, providing urgent dissolution of mucus, sputum, pus and blood with simultaneous immediate release of oxygen gas.