Hydrogen atom in a laser-plasma

  title={Hydrogen atom in a laser-plasma},
  author={Babatunde James Falaye and Guo-Hua Sun and Muhammed S. Liman and K. J. Oyewumi and Shi-hai Dong},
  journal={Laser Physics Letters},
We scrutinize the behaviour of the eigenvalues of a hydrogen atom in a quantum plasma as it interacts with an electric field directed along θ  =  π and is exposed to linearly polarized intense laser field radiation. We refer to the interaction of the plasma with the laser light as laser-plasma. Using the Kramers–Henneberger (KH) unitary transformation, which is the semiclassical counterpart of the Block–Nordsieck transformation in the quantized field formalism, the squared vector potential that… 

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It is found that to perpetuate a low-energy medium for the hydrogen atom in quantum plasmas, a strong electric field and weak magnetic field are required, whereas the AB flux field can be used as a regulator.

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