Hydrogels for nucleus replacement--facing the biomechanical challenge.

  title={Hydrogels for nucleus replacement--facing the biomechanical challenge.},
  author={Sandra Reitmaier and Uwe Wolfram and Anita Ignatius and Hans-Joachim Wilke and A. Chukwudebe Gloria and J. Martin-Martinez and Joana Silva-Correia and Joaquim Miguel Oliveira and Rui Lu{\'i}s Reis and Hendrik Schmidt},
  journal={Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials},
Hydrogels are considered promising for disc regeneration strategies. However, it is currently unknown whether the destruction of the natural interface between nucleus and surrounding structures caused by nucleotomy and an inadequate annulus closure diminishes the mechanical competence of the disc. This in vitro study aimed to clarify these mechanisms and to… CONTINUE READING