Hydrogel-beta-TCP scaffolds and stem cells for tissue engineering bone.

  title={Hydrogel-beta-TCP scaffolds and stem cells for tissue engineering bone.},
  author={Christian Weinand and Irina Pomerantseva and Craig M. Neville and Rajiv Kumar Gupta and Eli F Weinberg and Ijad Madisch and Frederic Shapiro and Harutsugi Abukawa and Maria Troulis and Joseph Phillip Vacanti},
  volume={38 4},
Trabecular bone is a material of choice for reconstruction after trauma and tumor resection and for correction of congenital defects. Autologous bone grafts are available in limited shapes and sizes; significant donor site morbidity is another major disadvantage to this approach. To overcome these limitations, we used a tissue engineering approach to create bone replacements in vitro, combining bone-marrow-derived differentiated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) suspended in hydrogels and 3… CONTINUE READING


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