Hydrodynamic lubrication

  title={Hydrodynamic lubrication},
  author={Jaywant H. Arakeri and K. R. Sreenivas},
This article gives the principle of hydrodynamic lubrication and also presents the new phenomenon of levitating drops over liquid film flow, which is explained using hydrodynamic lubrication theory. 
Influence of micropolar lubricant on bearings performance: A review
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The effect of lubricant inertia on fluid cavitation for high-speed squeeze film dampers
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Experimental Research on Wear Loss of Slipper Pair in Axial Piston Hydraulic Motor Lubricated with High Water Based Fluid
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Interactive Effects of Rarefaction and Surface Roughness on Aerodynamic Lubrication of Microbearings
The modified Reynolds equation, which governs the gas film pressure distribution in rough bearing, is solved by employing the partial derivative method and results show that high values of the eccentricity ratio and bearing number tend to increase the principal stiffness coefficients significantly, and the fractal roughness surface considerably affects the ultra-thin film damping characteristics compared to smooth surface bearing. Expand
Evaluation and quantification of friction using Ionic Liquids in small, self lubricating journal bearings
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The Development of a Diesel Injector Experiment to Study the Combined Effects of Oxidation and Shear on Lubricating Oil Viscosity
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Transitional lubricating process in plain bearings in machines
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On the modeling of levitation force for ultrasonic journal bearings actuated by piezoelectric transducers
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