Hydrodissection of an Achilles Tendinopathy on a Professional Athlete

  title={Hydrodissection of an Achilles Tendinopathy on a Professional Athlete},
  author={Deryk G. Jones and P. G. Brolinson and S. Patton and C. Wong},
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We report a case of Achilles tendinosis that was treated with a high volume, hydrodissection visualized by conventional B-mode ultrasound. Prior MRI revealed a thickened right Achilles tendon with a small defect. Ultrasound examination showed a thickened Achilles tendon with physical exam revealing a prominent Haglund’s deformity, mild fusiform swelling and pain along the posterior Achilles (Figure 1 & 2). The condition had been poorly responsive to standard management including protected… Expand


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Figure 4: Haglund's deformity on physical exam