Hydrochidae (Coleoptera) of Mississippi

  title={Hydrochidae (Coleoptera) of Mississippi},
  author={Reese J. Worthington and John L. Hellman and Paul K. Lago},
  journal={Transactions of the American Entomological Society},
  pages={167 - 213}
ABSTRACT Mississippi Hydrochidae are poorly known. In this paper, we attempt to untangle some of the taxonomic difficulties caused by recent dubious works of D. Makhan and to validate an undescribed species from previously unpublished research. The 12 species occurring in Mississippi are reviewed and one new species, H. falsus Hellman sp.n., is described. Six new synonymies are established as follows: Hydrochus hanoewanti Makhan, 1994 is a junior synonym of Hydrochus rugosus Mulsant, 1844… 

New Myxophagan water beetles from Madagascar (Coleoptera: Torridincolidae, Hydroscaphidae).

Myxophagan water beetles from Madagascar are comprehensively revised and the presence of peritrich ciliates of the genus Platycola Kent on specimens of Incoltorrida madagassica Steffan is discussed and illustrated.

Taxonomy of Guatemalan water beetles in the genus Hydrochus (Coleoptera: Hydrochidae)

The taxonomy of Guatemalan water beetles in the genus Hydrochus Leach, 1817 (Coleoptera: Hydrophiloidea: Hydrochidae) is presented and four new species are described, four of which are described as new species.

New records of Hydrochus Leach, 1817 (Coleoptera: Hydrochidae) from Iran

Hydrochus ignicollis Motschulsky, 1860 is recorded from Iran (Gilan Province) for the first time and new Iranian provincial records are provided for two species.

Aquatic Beetles (Coleoptera) of the University of Mississippi Field Station, Lafayette County, Mississippi, USA

These data were used to estimate the total aquatic beetle species richness at UMFS and assess the effectiveness of mesocosm sampling in assessing a site's aquatic beetle richness.

Systematics of aquatic beetles (Coleoptera): current state and future directions

The current state-of-the-art of water beetle systematics is summarized, including a synthesis of recent literature on how well water beetle taxa are described, the degree to which the authors understand their evolutionary relationships, and in what ways they are being used as model systems in systematics are summarized.



The systematic status of Kiransus Makhan, 1994, with the description of three new species of Hydrochus Leach, 1817 (Coleoptera: Hydrochidae)

Structural peculiarities in the abdominal apex of Hydrochidae are outlined and attention is called to certain features of phylogenetic importance.

Aquatic Hydrophilidae and Hydraenidae of Wisconsin (Coleoptera). I. Introduction, Key to Genera of Adults, and Distribution, Habitat, Life Cycle, and Identification of Species of Helophorus Fabricius, Hydrochus Leach, and Berosus Leach (Hydrophilidae), and Hydraenidae

The 3,920 Helophorus (Helophorinae) adults collected in Wisconsin included 16 species, two of which were new species, and all had a similar univoltine life cycle in which adults overwinter in terrestrial habitats and enter aquatic sites in spring.

World Catalogue of Hydrophiloidea - additions and corrections, 1 (1999-2005) (Coleoptera)

The World Catalogue of Hydrophiloidea (HANSEN 1999) is presented, with new taxa and synonymies as well as all new combinations and taxa with new status summarized.

The Seth Forest Water Scavenger Beetle, A New Species of Hydrochus (Coleoptera: Hydrophiloidea: Hydrochidae) from the Chesapeake-Delmarva Region

Abstract A new species, the Seth Forest water scavenger beetle, Hydrochus spangleri Hellman (Coleoptera: Hydrophiloidea: Hydrochidae), is described and illustrated; notes on its biology are included.


My last general paper on Florida Coleoptera was prepared in the autumn of 1924, and appeared in the Canadian Entomologist for July, 1925. Since that was written my time has been largely devoted to

Revision of Australian Hydrochus (Coleoptera: Hydrochidae)

The Coleoptera of Michigan