Hydrochemistry and multi-isotope study of the waters from Hanlé-Gaggadé grabens (Republic of Djibouti, East African Rift System): A low-enthalpy geothermal resource from a transboundary aquifer

  title={Hydrochemistry and multi-isotope study of the waters from Hanl{\'e}-Gaggad{\'e} grabens (Republic of Djibouti, East African Rift System): A low-enthalpy geothermal resource from a transboundary aquifer},
  author={Mohamed Osman Awaleh and T. Boschetti and Abdillahi Elmi Adaneh and Mohamed Ahmed Daoud and Moussa Mahdi Ahmed and Omar Assowe Dabar and Youssouf Djibril Soubaneh and Ali Dirir Kawalieh and Ibrahim Houssein Kadieh},
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Hydrological system in Quaternary clastic deposits, Mehedinţi County, Romania: isotope composition, chemistry and radiocarbon dating
Abstract A groundwater geochemistry study was carried out on 24 samples collected from different springs and wells situated in a plateau area at an elevation of 200–300 m in the Mehedinţi County,
Understanding the Origin and Mixing of Deep Fluids in Shallow Aquifers and Possible Implications for Crustal Deformation Studies: San Vittorino Plain, Central Apennines
Expanding knowledge about the origin and mixing of deep fluids and the water–rock–gas interactions in aquifer systems can represent an improvement in the comprehension of crustal deformation
Hydrochemical characterization and quality assessment of groundwater in Meki River Basin, Ethiopian Rift
The present study was carried out in Meki River Basin (Ethiopian Rift) aiming at characterizing the hydrochemical composition of groundwater and evaluating the water quality status for drinking and
Economic Feasibility of Green Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis Using Wind and Geothermal Energy Resources in Asal-Ghoubbet Rift (Republic of Djibouti): A Comparative Evaluation
The Republic of Djibouti has untapped potential in terms of renewable energy resources, such as geothermal, wind, and solar energy. This study examines the economic feasibility of green hydrogen


Hydrochemistry of a complex volcano-sedimentary aquifer using major ions and environmental isotopes data: Dalha basalts aquifer, southwest of Republic of Djibouti
In the Republic of Djibouti (Horn of Africa), fractured volcanic aquifers are the main water resources. The country undergoes an arid climate. Alluvial aquifers exist in the wadis (intermittent
New chemical and original isotopic data on waters from El Tatio geothermal field, northern Chile
The El Tatio geothermal field is located at an height of 4200-4300 m on the Cordillera de los Andes (Altiplano). Geysers, hot pools and mudpots in the geothermal field and local meteoric waters were
Sulfur and oxygen isotope compositions of Upper Triassic sulfates from Northerm Apennines (Italy): palaeogeographic and hidrogeochemical implications
Upper Triassic bedded evaporite sulfate of the Burano Formation outcropping at Cerreto Pass between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna in the Northern Apennines were analyzed for sulfur and oxygen isotope