Hydrocephalus following aneurysmal SAH.

  title={Hydrocephalus following aneurysmal SAH.},
  author={Aldo Spallone and Franco Maria Gagliardi},
  journal={Zentralblatt fur Neurochirurgie},
  volume={44 2},
An aneurysm-induced hydrocephalus was observed in two series of patients who were treated antifibrinolytically in different ways: A = 3 g/day of AMCA + 3 - 400,000 KIU/day of aprotinins, B = 6 g/day of AMCA. Group A showed significantly less formation of hydrocephalus and ischaemic complications. In the survey, various factors (neurological condition, number of haemorrhages, localisation of the aneurysm) play a part in the formation of the hydrocephalus following subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH… CONTINUE READING