Hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganisms naturally associated with sawdust.

  title={Hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganisms naturally associated with sawdust.},
  author={Nida Ali and Mohamed Eliyas and Hanan A Al-Sarawi and Samir S Radwan},
  volume={83 9},
Sawdust, one of the materials used as sorbent for removing spilled oil from polluted environments was naturally colonized by hydrocarbon-utilizing fungi, 1×10(5)-2×10(5) colony forming units (CFU) g(-1), depending on the hydrocarbon substrate. This sorbent was initially free of hydrocarbon-utilizing bacteria. Incubating wet sawdust at 30°C resulted in gradually increasing the fungal counts to reach after 6months between 5×10(6) and 7×10(6)CFUg(-1), and the appearance of hydrocarbon-utilizing… CONTINUE READING
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