Hydrocarbon poisoning in children: a 5-year retrospective study.

  title={Hydrocarbon poisoning in children: a 5-year retrospective study.},
  author={Matityahu Lifshitz and Shaul Sofer and Rafael Gorodischer},
  journal={Wilderness & environmental medicine},
  volume={14 2},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the demographics, incidence, and symptoms and signs of hydrocarbon poisoning in admitted children from the Negev Desert area of Israel. METHODS The medical records of all children admitted for hydrocarbon poisoning from 1995 to 1999 were reviewed retrospectively. RESULTS Of the 274 admitted children, 61% were boys and 39% were girls, with ages ranging from 6 months to 18 years (median, 1.58 years). Ninety-four percent of the patients were Moslem Arab Bedouins, and 6… CONTINUE READING
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