Hydraulic shortcuts increase the connectivity of arable land areas to surface waters

  title={Hydraulic shortcuts increase the connectivity of arable land areas to surface waters},
  author={Urs Sch{\"o}nenberger and Christian Stamm},
  journal={Hydrology and Earth System Sciences},
Abstract. Surface runoff represents a major pathway for pesticide transport from agricultural areas to surface waters. The influence of artificial structures (e.g. roads, hedges, and ditches) on surface runoff connectivity has been shown in various studies. In Switzerland, so-called hydraulic shortcuts (e.g. inlet and maintenance shafts of road or field storm drainage systems) have been shown to influence surface runoff connectivity and related pesticide transport. Their occurrence and their… 

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und in weiteren Bereichen eingesetzt. Als Pflanzenschutzmittel vermindern sie Ertrags- oder Qualitätseinbussen durch Schadorganismen. heutige Pestizideinsatz belastet aber die Umwelt und insbesondere



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The results indicate that temporal changes in hydraulic properties during the growing season and when the soil freezes during winter affect pesticide losses through surface runoff.

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