Hydraulic conductances of angiosperms versus conifers: similar transport sufficiency at the whole-plant level.

  title={Hydraulic conductances of angiosperms versus conifers: similar transport sufficiency at the whole-plant level.},
  author={Peter Becker and Melvin T Tyree and Makoto Tsuda},
  journal={Tree physiology},
  volume={19 7},
Bond's "slow seedling" hypothesis proposes that, because of slow growth rates caused by an inefficient transport system and low leaf photosynthetic capacity, gymnosperm seedlings are weak competitors with angiosperms in productive habitats. We measured component (shoot, leaf, and root) and whole-plant hydraulic conductances of sapling-sized tropical plants growing on nitrogen-poor white sand in Borneo. After accounting for size effects, there were no significant differences in conductances… CONTINUE READING
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