Hydration status influences the measurement of arterial stiffness.

  title={Hydration status influences the measurement of arterial stiffness.},
  author={Aaron R Caldwell and Matthew A. Tucker and Jenna M. Burchfield and Nicole E. Moyen and Alf Z Satterfield and Ashley Six and Brendon P. McDermott and Sean W. Mulvenon and Matthew S. Ganio},
  journal={Clinical physiology and functional imaging},
  volume={38 3},
Consensus guidelines have attempted to standardize the measurement and interpretation of pulse wave velocity (PWV); however, guidelines have not addressed whether hydration status affects PWV. Moreover, multiple studies have utilized heat stress to reduce arterial stiffness which may lead to dehydration. This study utilized two experiments to investigate the effects of dehydration on PWV at rest and during passive heat stress. In experiment 1, subjects (n = 19) completed two trials, one in… CONTINUE READING