Hydration mechanism of a novel PCCP + DCPA cement system.

  title={Hydration mechanism of a novel PCCP + DCPA cement system.},
  author={Xiupeng Wang and Jiandong Ye and Yingjun Wang},
  journal={Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine},
  volume={19 2},
A novel partially crystallized calcium phosphate (PCCP) + dicalcium phosphate anhydrous (DCPA) system bone cement was introduced and the mechanism of the hydration was studied by means of solubility product constant (K (sp)), XRD, pH value, and BET. Results showed that DCPA was more soluble than PCCP and HA was the most insoluble compound, and DCPA disappeared fast during hydration of the cement. Therefore, the mechanism of the hydration in the PCCP + DCPA system cement was the dissolution and… CONTINUE READING


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