Hydration changes upon DNA folding studied by osmotic stress experiments.

  title={Hydration changes upon DNA folding studied by osmotic stress experiments.},
  author={S. Nakano and Daisuke Yamaguchi and H. Tateishi-Karimata and D. Miyoshi and N. Sugimoto},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={102 12},
  • S. Nakano, Daisuke Yamaguchi, +2 authors N. Sugimoto
  • Published 2012
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biophysical journal
  • The thermal stability of nucleic acid structures is perturbed under the conditions that mimic the intracellular environment, typically rich in inert components and under osmotic stress. We now describe the thermodynamic stability of DNA oligonucleotide structures in the presence of high background concentrations of neutral cosolutes. Small cosolutes destabilize the basepair structures, and the DNA structures consisting of the same nearest-neighbor composition show similar thermodynamic… CONTINUE READING
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