Hydrated metal halide structures and the HSAB concept

  title={Hydrated metal halide structures and the HSAB concept},
  author={Ch R. Balarew and Rumen Duhlev and Dobrin Spassov},
  • Ch R. Balarew, Rumen Duhlev, Dobrin Spassov
  • Published 1984
  • Chemistry
  • A review of ligand coordinatio in the structures of hydrates of the bivalent Mg, Ca, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn and Cd halide salts is made. Differences in the type of environment around the Me2+ are satisfactorily explained using the HSAB (Hard and Soft Acids and Bases) concept: in all structures the tendency for a preferable combination hard cation — hard ligand and soft cation — soft ligand is proved. The paper demonstrates the possibilities of the HSAB concept to solve crystallochemical… CONTINUE READING

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