Hydatidiform Moles: Genetic Basis and Precision Diagnosis.

  title={Hydatidiform Moles: Genetic Basis and Precision Diagnosis.},
  author={Pei Hui and Natalia Buza and Kathleen M Murphy and Brigitte M. Ronnett},
  journal={Annual review of pathology},
Hydatidiform moles are intriguing pathologic entities representing abnormal placental villous tissue with unique genetic profiles and a wide spectrum of morphologic features, which makes accurate diagnosis challenging. Overrepresentation of the paternal genome in sporadic hydatidiform moles (purely androgenetic in complete hydatidiform moles and diandric triploid in partial hydatidiform moles) is a fundamental genetic event leading to global alteration of imprinting gene expression in the molar… CONTINUE READING


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