Hydatid cysts of the orbit. A review of 35 cases.

  title={Hydatid cysts of the orbit. A review of 35 cases.},
  author={A G{\'o}mez Morales and J Oscar Croxatto and Luis Crovetto and Roberto N Ebner},
  volume={95 8},
The authors reviewed 35 cases of orbital hydatid cysts, which represented 5% of orbital surgical cases seen from 1944 to 1985. The average age was 16 years (range, 2-57 years). Slowly progressive unilateral exophthalmos, with or without pain, was the most frequent clinical manifestation. Computed tomography (CT) of the orbit demonstrated a well-circumscribed mass. Ultrasonography showed an anechoic cystic mass. The parasitic membrane and contents were surgically removed through an orbital… CONTINUE READING


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