Hybridization between tetraploid and diploid species of treefrogs (Genus hyla).

  title={Hybridization between tetraploid and diploid species of treefrogs (Genus hyla).},
  author={Barbara K Mable and J. P. H. van den Bogart},
  journal={The Journal of heredity},
  volume={86 6},
An indirect analysis of female meiotic mechanisms in the tetraploid (4n = 48) grey treefrog, Hyla versicolor, was performed by examining artificially produced hybrids. First generation hybrids between a H. versicolor female from Canada (4n = 48) and a H. arborea male from France (2n = 24) were all triploid and appeared to contain two sets of chromosomes from H. versicolor and one set from H. arborea. Males and females were produced in equal numbers but testes in general were more completely… CONTINUE READING
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