Hybridization and introgression between the exotic Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila, and the native Field elm, U. minor, in Italy

  title={Hybridization and introgression between the exotic Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila, and the native Field elm, U. minor, in Italy},
  author={J. Brunet and J. Zalapa and F. Pecori and A. Santini},
  journal={Biological Invasions},
  • J. Brunet, J. Zalapa, +1 author A. Santini
  • Published 2013
  • Biology
  • Biological Invasions
  • In response to the first Dutch elm disease (DED) pandemic, Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila, was planted to replace the native elm, U. minor, in Italy. The potential for hybridization between these two species is high and repeated hybridization could result in the genetic swamping of the native species and facilitate the evolution of invasiveness in the introduced species. We used genetic markers to examine the extent of hybridization between these two species and to determine the pattern of… CONTINUE READING
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