Hybridization Studies of Five Species of the Solanum Nigrum Complex Found in South Africa and two Cocktail Tomato Cultivars

  title={Hybridization Studies of Five Species of the Solanum Nigrum Complex Found in South Africa and two Cocktail Tomato Cultivars},
  author={Arie Steven Jacoby and Maryke Tine Labuschagne},
Species from the Solanum nigrum complex are not as popular as potatoes and peppers but are economically important fruit or leafy vegetables in some parts of the world. The aim of this study was to look at the hybridization potential of genotypes from the Solanum nigrum complex, and two cocktail tomato cultivars, to facilitate a future breeding program. Solanum americanum Mill., S. burbankii Bitter, S. chenopodioides Lam., S. retroflexum Dun. and S. scabrum L. are some of the species found in… CONTINUE READING
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