Hybridization Between Canada Lynx and Bobcats: Genetic Results and Management Implications

  title={Hybridization Between Canada Lynx and Bobcats: Genetic Results and Management Implications},
  author={M. Schwartz and K. Pilgrim and K. McKelvey and E. L. Lindquist and James J. Claar and Steve Loch and L. Ruggiero},
  journal={Conservation Genetics},
  • M. Schwartz, K. Pilgrim, +4 authors L. Ruggiero
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Conservation Genetics
  • Hybridization between taxonomically similar species is an often-overlooked mechanism limiting the recovery of threatened and endangered species. We present molecular genetic data for the first time demonstrating that Canada lynx and bobcats hybridize in the wild. We verify that two microsatellite loci Lc106 and Lc110 have non-overlapping allele ranges between Canada lynx and bobcats, and that three putative lynx from Minnesota contain DNA from both bobcats and lynx. Additionally, we use a… CONTINUE READING

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