author={John Hutnyk},
  journal={Ethnic and Racial Studies},
  pages={102 - 79}
  • John Hutnyk
  • Published 1 January 2005
  • Ethnic and Racial Studies
This exploration of hybridity begins by offering a description of the term and its uses in divergent and related fields, then a critique of assumptions (those of purity, of marginality and identity). A discussion of cultural creativity, syncretism, diffusion, race and biology (the history of migration, language, culture, and ‘blood’) leads on to consideration of how syncretism and hybridity seem to do duty as terms for the management of the more esoteric cultural aspects of colonialism and the… 
Cultural Hybridity as Perpetuation of Americanization: A Study of the Selected Novels of Mohsin Hamid and Kamila Shamsie
Cultural hybridity has prevailed by penetrating its roots in the globalized world. It has influenced the identity of people especially migrants of various countries. Identity in the case of cultural
Identities in Transition: Hybridism amongst Second Generation Greek Migrants
The principal originality of this article lies in the analysis on ethnicity and identity in an under-explored geographical/ethnic context, that is the Greek second generation in Italy. Through a
Contesting Cultural Imperialism: Hybridisation and Re-enactment of Indigenous Cultural Values in Nigerian Hip-Hop Music
Abstract Hybridisation, that is, the blending of different cultural elements to create a new cultural form and identity, has become a significant linguistic feature of hip-hop music in Nigeria.
A Country of Immigration? Situating German Multiculturalism in the New Europe
This dissertation addresses a complex cultural and social phenomenon: German multiculturalism in the framework of the European Union in the century of globalization and global migration. I use
Reading Primo Levi on “hybridity” in the context of South Africa: Moving towards humanizing descriptions of the other
  • Joyce Rondaij
  • Sociology
    STJ | Stellenbosch Theological Journal
  • 2018
Primo Levi discovered his otherness – his Jewish identity – by experiencing discrimination: through the anti-Semitic laws enforced by the Fascist regime in the 1930’s and the year of imprisonment in
A requiem for hybridity? The problem with Frankensteins, purées, and mules
Hybridity as an interpretive construct in the archaeology of colonialism has encountered many pitfalls, due largely to the way it has been set adrift from clear theoretical anchors and has been
Using cultural hybridity as an analytic lens for missiological research
  • Peter T. Lee
  • Sociology
    Missiology: An International Review
  • 2021
This article considers cultural hybridity as a concept that helps interpret complex social phenomena found in various intercultural contexts in missions. The concept of cultural hybridity is better
Identity, difference, religion : multiculturalism and British converts to Islam
This thesis is concerned with British converts to Islam and multiculturalism. It argues that the conceptual tools for thinking about identity and belonging in the literature in these areas fall
This paper explores notions of hybridity within an intercultural large-scale show in Bali, including levels of innovation, synthesized processes, scenery and safety considerations. As the original
Stage managing Bali Agung: The possibility of hybridity in an intercultural production
This paper explores notions of hybridity within an intercultural large-scale show in Bali, including levels of innovation, synthesized processes, scenery and safety considerations. As the original


Colonial Desire: Hybridity in Theory, Culture and Race
The language of contemporary cultural theory shows remarkable similarities with the patterns of thought which characterised Victorian racial theory. Far from being marked by a separation from the
Welcome to the Jungle: New Positions in Black Cultural Studies
Welcome to the Jungle brings a black British perspective to the critical reading of a wide range of cultural texts, events and experiences arising from volatile transformations in the politics of
Africanizing Anthropology: Fieldwork, Networks, and the Making of Cultural Knowledge in Central Africa
Africanizing Anthropology tells the story of the anthropological fieldwork centered at the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) during the mid-twentieth century. Focusing on
“You’ve been in my life so long I can’t remember anything else” : Into the labyrinth with Ripley and the Alien
This essay, commissioned by two leading American film scholars, both well known for their work which links cinema scholarship with gender studies, queer theory and postcolonialism. Their anthology
Population and Development: A Critical Introduction
Introduction. 1. The Numbers Game. 2. Does Population Growth Matter?. 3. Population and North--South Relations. 4. Forging the Connection between Population and Development. 5. Development and
Sorting Things Out: Classification and Its Consequences
The authors present fascinating history and insights into the development of various classification systems and identify issues that arise during the creation of any classification system, such as the need to compromise between providing granular classifications that satisfy needs specific to a time and place.
Remote Control: Dilemmas of Black Intervention in British Film and TV
  • 1995