Hybrid stars with large strange quark cores constrained by GW170817

  title={Hybrid stars with large strange quark cores constrained by GW170817},
  author={M'arcio Ferreira and Renan C{\^a}mara Pereira and Constancca Providencia},
We analyze the impact of several multi-quark interaction channels on the properties of hybrid stars. Four and eight vector interactions were included in the SU(3) NJL model to describe the quark matter, and all vector like interactions were investigated. The hybrid stars were built starting from an hadronic EoS that satisfy presently accepted nuclear matter properties and considering the quark model constrained by the vacuum properties of several light mesons. The interplay between the 8-quark… 
A Bayesian analysis of the properties of hybrid stars with the NJL model
The possible presence of deconfined matter in the core of massive neutron stars is the subject of a large debate. In this context, it is important to set limits on the size and characteristics of an