Hybrid position/force control of flexible-macro/rigid-micro manipulator systems

  title={Hybrid position/force control of flexible-macro/rigid-micro manipulator systems},
  author={Tsuneo Yoshikawa and Kensuke Harada and Atsushi Matsumoto},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Robotics Autom.},
Abstruct- In this paper, hybrid positiodforce control algorithms of combined flexible-macrokigid-micro manipulator systems are proposed. In the proposed system, the micro manipulator is attached at the tip of the flexible macro manipulator. The macro manipulator can move widely, but cannot realize fast and precise motion because of its flexibility. On the contrary, the micro manipulator cannot move widely, but can move fast and precisely. By taking advantage of the macrohicro system, both the… 

Dynamic Compensation Control of Flexible Macro–Micro Manipulator Systems

Using perturbation theories, a new kinematical method is introduced by redefining the micro's motion as a means of compensating for the errors at the endpoint of the macro, and an excellent practical control scheme is proposed to realize the endpoint control with the feedback of joint angles and vibrations.

A Review of Dynamic Control of the Rigid-Flexible Macro-Micro Manipulators

A review of the control strategy for rigid-flexible macro-micro manipulators is presented and the prospects of the methods for the three important issues, the dynamic decoupling, cable tension optimization and dynamic control are pointed out.

Contact control of flexible micro/macro-manipulators

  • J. Lew
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 1997
The proposed contact force control algorithm smooths the manipulator's transition from a free-space motion to contact with an unknown environment, and regulates the contact force to a desired value without causing contact instability.

Impedance Control of Flexible Robot Manipulators

Force control is very important for many practical manipulation tasks of robot manipulators, such as, assembly, grinding, deburring that associate with interaction between the end-effector of the

11 Impedance Control of Flexible Robot Manipulators

Force control is very important for many practical manipulation tasks of robot manipulators, such as, assembly, grinding, deburring that associate with interaction between the end-effector of the

Development of 4 DOF planar macro-micro manipulators system

  • Chen QijunW. Halang
  • Engineering
    IEEE 2002 28th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society. IECON 02
  • 2002
A macro-micro manipulator system, which uses laser in endpoint operating and can be applied to trajectory tracking and a kind of errors correction strategy is given, which can reduce the measurement errors caused by excitation power.

Robust Cooperative Control of Two Two-Link Flexible Manipulators on the Basis of Quasi-Static Equations

A robust cooperative controller of the two flexible manipulators is designed considering measurement disturbances and modeling errors caused by the link-parameter uncertainty and the quasi-static approximation.

Control of a rigid manipulator mounted on a compliant base

A control strategy that can be applied to a class of macro-micro manipulators consisting of a rigid micro manipulator mounted on a long-reach (flexible) macro manipulator and a neural network based strategy for damping out the oscillations due to the flexible base is developed.

Robust Position/Force Control of Constrained Flexible Joint Robots with Constraint Uncertainties

A novel robust control method for simultaneous position/force control of constrained flexible joint robots is proposed and it is demonstrated that the position control problem can dynamically be isolated from the force control.

Trajectory and Force Control of a Manipulator with Elastic Links

This paper deals with trajectory and force control of a two-link manipulator with elastic links. The manipulator has a macro–micro mechanism and at the tip of which is an end-effector with a force



Hybrid position/force control of flexible manipulators by macro-micro manipulator system

In this paper, to realize the hybrid position/force control of a flexible manipulator, the macro-micro manipulator system is used and a quasi-static hybrid position-force control algorithm and a dynamic hybrid position and force control algorithm are proposed.

Dynamic hybrid position/force control of robot manipulators--Description of hand constraints and calculation of joint driving force

  • T. Yoshikawa
  • Engineering
    IEEE Journal on Robotics and Automation
  • 1987
Theynamic hybrid control method is proposed, which takes the manipulator dynamics into consideration and a basic structure of the dynamic hybrid control system with a servo compensator is given.

Augmented Object and Reduced Effective Inertia in Robot Systems

  • O. Khatib
  • Engineering
    1988 American Control Conference
  • 1988
The paper investigates the dynamic characteristics and control of robot systems involving combinations of parallel and serial mechanical structures, e.g. multiple manipulators and

Dynamic trajectory tracking control of flexible manipulator macro-micro manipulator system

A trajectory tracking controller of macro-micro manipulator system is proposed which takes the dynamics of the system into consideration and experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.

Modeling and quasi-static hybrid position/force control of constrained planar two-link flexible manipulators

The authors derive dynamic equations of joint angles, vibrations of flexible links, and contact force by means of Hamilton's principle, and design the hybrid position/force controller of the flexible manipulator.

End-Point Control of a Two-Link Flexible Robotic Manipulator with a Mini-Manipulator: Initial Experiments

Experimental results and issues as sociated with the implementation of the controller on the mini-manipulator mounted at the tip of the extremely flexible Stanford Multi-Link Flexible Manipulator are presented.

Stability and control aspects of flexible link robot manipulators during constrained motion tasks

  • J. Mills
  • Engineering
    J. Field Robotics
  • 1992
Examination of dynamics and stability issues of a robotic manipulator modeled with link structural flexibility during execution of a task that requires the robot tip to contact fixed rigid objects in the work environment confirms that high-frequency structural link modes, exhibited in the response of the robot, are asymptotically stable and do not destabilize the slow subsystem dynamics, leading to asymPTotic trajectory tracking of the overall system.

Dynamic decoupling for hybrid control of rigid-/flexible-joint robots interacting with the environment

A general method is presented that assures an exact feedback linearization for both rigid and flexible-joint robots, as the joint flexibility can cause instability of robot control.

Hybrid control of flexible manipulators with multiple contact

  • J. LewW. Book
  • Engineering
    [1993] Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • 1993
A hybrid position/force controller is proposed for flexible link manipulators that make contact with the environment at more than one point using singular value decomposition of the constraint equations.

Dynamic Stability Analysis of a Two-Link Force-Controlled Flexible Manipulator

This study investigates the effect of link flexibility on the dynamic stability of a two-link force-controlled robot manipulator. The nonlinear open-loop equations for the compliant motion are