Hybrid populations selectively filter gene introgression between species.

  title={Hybrid populations selectively filter gene introgression between species.},
  author={Gregory D. Martinsen and Thomas G. Whitham and Richard J Turek and Paul Keim},
  journal={Evolution; international journal of organic evolution},
  volume={55 7},
Hybrids have long been recognized as a potential pathway for gene flow between species that can have important consequences for evolution and conservation biology. However, few studies have demonstrated that genes from one species can introgress or invade another species over a broad geographic area. Using 35 genetically mapped restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) markers of two species of cottonwoods (Populus fremontii x P. angustifolia) and their hybrids (n = 550 trees), we showed… CONTINUE READING
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