Hybrid dynamical systems

  title={Hybrid dynamical systems},
  author={Rafal Goebel and Ricardo G. Sanfelice and Andrew R. Teel},
  journal={IEEE Control Systems},
Robust stability and control for systems that combine continuous-time and discrete-time dynamics. This article is a tutorial on modeling the dynamics of hybrid systems, on the elements of stability theory for hybrid systems, and on the basics of hybrid control. The presentation and selection of material is oriented toward the analysis of asymptotic stability in hybrid systems and the design of stabilizing hybrid controllers. Our emphasis on the robustness of asymptotic stability to data… 
Hybrid Dynamical Systems: An Introduction to Control and Verification
A number of fundamental topics, such as modeling, abstraction, verification, supervisory control, stability analysis, stabilization, and optimal control of hybrid systems are introduced and discussed.
Contributions to the Control of Hybrid and Switched Linear Systems
This work focuses on different problems regarding stability and stabilization of switched linear systems and optimal control of hybrid linear systems, and addresses problems in linear quadratic control of Hybrid linear systems.
Robust Input-to-State Stability for Hybrid Systems
This work uses the derived equivalent characterization results of ISS for hybrid systems to recover and generalize Lyapunov and asymptotic characterizations of input-output-to-state stability for continuous-time systems.
Robust Trajectory Tracking for a Class of Hybrid Systems: An Internal Model Principle Approach
A feedback control law based on a discontinuous version of the classical internal model principle is proposed for asymptotic tracking of periodic trajectories for hybrid systems having linear dynamics in each operating mode and isolated discrete switching events.
Averaging tools for singularly perturbed hybrid systems
Singular perturbation results for a class of hybrid systems are presented and it is shown that the actual system is semi-globally practically asymptotically stable (SGP-AS).
Tracking control for hybrid systems via embedding of known reference trajectories
We study the problem of designing controllers to track time-varying state trajectories for plants modeled as hybrid dynamical systems, which are systems with both continuous and discrete dynamics.
A Logical DES Approach to theDesign of Hybrid Control
A model is introduced that describes the continuous plant and discrete event controller along with an interface which connects them and it is used to obtain a controller design method for hybrid control systems.
Stability analysis and controller synthesis for hybrid dynamical systems
An overview from the perspective of the control community on modelling, analysis and control design for hybrid dynamical systems is presented and the major research lines in this appealing and lively research area are surveyed.
Hybrid systems and control with fractional dynamics (II): Control
This paper focuses on a synergistic approach of the theories of both branches of fractional-order hybrid control, which is believed to give additional flexibility and help the system designer.
Recent Advances on the Theory and Applications of Hybrid Systems
Hybrid systems are dynamical systems with interactions of both continuous and discrete dynamics [1]. Such systems can be appropriate models for a multitude of practical systems in engineering and


Perspectives and results on the stability and stabilizability of hybrid systems
This paper introduces the concept of a hybrid system and some of the challenges associated with the stability of such systems, including the issues of guaranteeing stability of switched stable
This paper shows that generalized solutions to a hybrid system are exactly the solutions that arise when measurement noise in the system is taken into account.
Basic problems in stability and design of switched systems
By a switched system, we mean a hybrid dynamical system consisting of a family of continuous-time subsystems and a rule that orchestrates the switching between them. The article surveys developments
Smooth Lyapunov Functions for Hybrid Systems—Part I: Existence Is Equivalent to Robustness
The equivalence between the robustness of stability with respect to two measures and a characterization of such stability in terms of a smooth Lyapunov function is established.
Stability theory for hybrid dynamical systems
  • H. Ye, A. Michel, L. Hou
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of 1995 34th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
  • 1995
Hybrid systems which are capable of exhibiting simultaneously several kinds of dynamic behavior in different parts of a system are of great current interest. In the present paper we first formulate a
Hybrid Systems: Limit Sets and Zero Dynamics with a View Toward Output Regulation
Summary. We present results on omega-limit sets and minimum phase zero dynamics for hybrid dynamical systems. Moreover, we give pointers to how these results may be useful in the future for solving
Supervising a family of hybrid controllers for robust global asymptotic stabilization
This paper describes an algorithm for achieving robust, global asymptotic stabilization in nonlinear control systems by supervising the actions of a family of hybrid controllers, using the concept of "events" for hybrid systems.
A Trajectory-Space Approach to Hybrid Systems
We develop a framework for studying dynamical properties of hybrid systems based on considering the space of all possible trajectories of the system. In this way it is possible to treat both
Recent trends in the stability analysis of hybrid dynamical systems
Dramatic progress in computing capabilities has resulted in the synthesis and implementation of increasingly complex dynamical systems. Since such systems frequently exhibit simultaneously several