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Hybrid cotton in India: a success story

  title={Hybrid cotton in India: a success story},
  author={Aparajita Basu and R. S. Paroda},
Hybrid cotton in India: a success story , Hybrid cotton in India: a success story , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی 
Farmer knowledge across the commodification spectrum: Rice, cotton, and vegetables in Telangana, India
Department of Anthropology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Department of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri Correspondence Andrew Flachs, PurdueExpand
Planting and Performing: Anxiety, Aspiration, and “Scripts” in Telangana Cotton Farming
  • A. Flachs
  • Geography
  • American Anthropologist
  • 2019
On cotton farms in Telangana, India, performance draws attention to farmers’ work not merely as an economic activity but as directed toward different kinds of audiences and in conversation withExpand
Deconstructing Indian cotton: weather, yields, and suicides
Bt cotton may be economic in irrigated cotton, whereas costs of Bt seed and insecticide increase the risk of farmer bankruptcy in low-yield rainfed cotton. Expand
Agricultural Biotechnology and Crop Productivity: Macro-Level Evidences on Contribution of Bt Cotton in India
While farm-level empirical studies demonstrate the contribution of Bt technology in increasing crop productivity, there are still questions about its contribution to long-term growth in productivityExpand
Heterosis, combining ability and genetic effect, and relationship with genetic distance based on a diallel of hybrids from five diverse Gossypium barbadense cotton genotypes
The results suggest that the close correlation between GD and hybrid performance per se was mainly due to the existence of GCA and additive effects from parents and dominant effects for lint yield and other traits. Expand
When biotechnologists lack objectivity*
We dismiss Deepak Pental’s strong biased criticisms of P. C. Kesavan and M. S. Swaminathan; evaluate the nature of disagreements of the GMO problem, and review two major controversies concerningExpand
Bio-economics of Indian hybrid Bt cotton and farmer suicides
Background The implementation of hybrid Bt cotton unique to India has been heralded as a grand success by government agencies, seed companies and other proponents, and yet yields have stagnated atExpand
Cotton Germplasm in India — New Trends