Hybrid Zero Block Detection for High Efficiency Video Coding

  title={Hybrid Zero Block Detection for High Efficiency Video Coding},
  author={Hongfei Fan and Ronggang Wang and Lin Ding and Xiaodong Xie and Huizhu Jia and Wen Gao},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Multimedia},
In this paper we propose an efficient hybrid zero block early detection method for high efficiency video coding (HEVC). Our method detects both genuine zero blocks (GZBs) and pseudo zero blocks (PZBs). For GZB detection, we use a two sum of absolute difference bounds and a one sum of absolute transformed difference threshold to decrease the GZB detection complexity. A fast rate-distortion estimation algorithm for HEVC is proposed to improve the PZB detection rate. Experimental results on the HM… CONTINUE READING