Hybrid Superstrings in NS-NS Plane Waves

  title={Hybrid Superstrings in NS-NS Plane Waves},
  author={Hiroshi Kunitomo},
  journal={Progress of Theoretical Physics},
  • H. Kunitomo
  • Published 6 March 2003
  • Physics
  • Progress of Theoretical Physics
Using the hybrid formalism, superstrings in four-dimensional NS-NS plane waves are studied in a manifest supersymmetric manner. This description of the superstring is obtained through a field redefinition of the RNS worldsheet fields and defined as a topological N = 4 string theory. The Hilbert space consists of two types of representations describing short and long strings. We study the physical spectrum to find boson-fermion asymmetry in the massless spectrum of the short string. Some massive… 
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