Hybrid PWM rectifiers to reduce electromagnetic interference

  title={Hybrid PWM rectifiers to reduce electromagnetic interference},
  author={Yasukazu Sato and Kiyotaka Kawamura and Hironao Morimoto and Kazuyoshi Nezu},
  journal={Conference Record of the 2002 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. 37th IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.02CH37344)},
  pages={2141-2146 vol.3}
A hybrid PWM rectifier is proposed as a method to reduce the electromagnetic interference. The hybrid PWM rectifier consists of parallel-connected two component bridge circuits, that is, main and auxiliary bridge circuits. The main bridge circuit to handle the active power has a full current rating and a low switching frequency. The auxiliary bridge circuit to improve the input current waveform has a small current rating and a high switching frequency. Because the high-frequency switching of… CONTINUE READING