Hybrid Monte Carlo

  title={Hybrid Monte Carlo},
  author={Anthony D. Kennedy},



Hybrid-molecular-dynamics algorithms for the numerical simulation of quantum chromodynamics.

Two algorithms for the numerical simulation of SU(3) lattice gauge theory with dynamical quarks are discussed, based on the hybrid stochastic method of Duane and Kogut, which allow the simulation of arbitrary numbers of quarks.

New algorithm for the numerical simulation of fermions.

A new algorithm for the numerical simulation of lattice field theories with fermions degrees of freedom with an efficient method of measuring the fermion Green's functions during the simulation is presented.

Microcanonical Simulation of Fermionic Systems

A new method is suggested to bosonize the path integral of lattice field theories with fermion fields. The procedure is illustrated in the case of the Schwinger model.

Renormalization flow in lattice QED.

  • Lang
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1986
An investigation of pure U(1) gauge theory is made based on block-spin transformations for configurations of lattice size 16/sup 4/ down to size 8/Sup 4/ and 4/sup 2/ and results on the leading critical exponent are found.

Langevin simulations of lattice field theories.

Fourier techniques that greatly accelerate simulations on large lattices and a new technique for including quark vacuum-polarization corrections that admits any number of flavors, odd or even, without the need for nested Monte Carlo calculations are introduced.