Hybrid Metallic Foam with Superior Elasticity, High Electrical Conductivity and Pressure Sensitivity.

  title={Hybrid Metallic Foam with Superior Elasticity, High Electrical Conductivity and Pressure Sensitivity.},
  author={Yan Peng and Huaizhi Liu and Tuoqi Li and Jiuyang Zhang},
  journal={ACS applied materials \& interfaces},
Growing interest has been received in metallic foams for their combined features of metals and porous structures. Coating metals on polymers have been the most prevalent method to fabricate hybrid metallic foams to inherit both the merits of metals and the mechanical flexibility of polymers. However, direct coating metals on foams is challenging and requires tedious synthesis, such as electrolysis and chemical reduction. This work reported a facile strategy to build hybrid metallic foams via in… 
Vapor-Mediated Stretchable and Reversible Conductors from Microporous Liquid Metal Polymers.
The microporous liquid metal-embedded polymer (LMEP) was insulative as fabricated due to discontinuous liquid metals (LMs), while it became conductive upon stretching, and showed a reversible insulator-conductor transition due to the regenerated pores in polymer matrix under organic vapor.
Liquid metal polymer composites: from printed stretchable circuits to soft actuators
Soft polymers embedded with liquid metals like eutectic gallium-indium (EGaIn) exhibit unique combinations of mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties that are not possible with other material
Liquid Metals and Disulfides: Interactive Metal‐Polymer Hybrids for Flexible and Self‐Healable Conductor
Growing interests have been received in metal‐polymer hybrid composites for their combined features of metals and polymer. However, the detrimental incompatibility between inorganic and organic
Fabrication of Robust, Highly Conductive, and Elastic Hybrid Carbon Foam Platform for High-Performance Compressible Asymmetry Supercapacitors
This study offers a scalable strategy for fabricating high-performance compressible supercapacitors, thereby providing a new means of satisfying the energy storage needs of portable electronic devices that are prone to deformation.
Preparation and application of gallium-based conductive materials in the very recent years
Gallium and its alloys are a group of metallic materials with low-melting points at or around room temperature. Apart from the good electrical conductivity, the unique liquid state endows those
Tailorable, Lightweight and Superelastic Liquid Metal Monoliths for Multifunctional Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
A novel confined thermal expansion strategy based on expandable microsphere (EM) is proposed to develop a new class of LM-based monoliths with 3D continuous conductive network that could be promising universal design principles for multifunctional LM composites, and applicable in magnetic responsive actuator.
Surface Modification of Cured Inorganic Foams with Cationic Cellulose Nanocrystals and Their Use as Reactive Filter Media for Anionic Dye Removal
In this work, a surface cationized inorganic–organic hybrid foam was produced from porous geopolymer (GP) and cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) and CTAB was found to disrupt the attachment of CNCs on the pores and improve adsorption of MO in the GPs with and without C NCs.
Patterned Magnetofluids via Magnetic Printing and Photopolymerization for Multifunctional Flexible Electronic Sensors.
Liquid conductor-based flexible sensors with high mechanical deformability and reliable electrical reversibility have aroused great interest in electronic skin, soft robotics, environmental


Soft Multifunctional Composites and Emulsions with Liquid Metals
This progress report, reviews recent experimental and theoretical studies of this emerging class of soft multifunctional composites and identifies current technical challenges and opportunities for further advancement.
Flexible and Lightweight Pressure Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotube/Thermoplastic Polyurethane-Aligned Conductive Foam with Superior Compressibility and Stability.
The present study is capable of providing new insights into the fabrication of a high-performance pressure sensor and shows a fascinating linear characteristic under the applied strain until 77%, which would benefit the application of the foam as a desired pressure sensor.
Ultrauniform Embedded Liquid Metal in Sulfur Polymers for Recyclable, Conductive, and Self‐Healable Materials
Liquid metals (LMs) are receiving growing interest in modern technologies for their various advantages. This work reports using elemental sulfur to achieve nanodispersed liquid metals in bulk
Large Multipurpose Exceptionally Conductive Polymer Sponges Obtained by Efficient Wet‐Chemical Metallization
Exceptionally conductive (250 S cm−1), very fast electrically heatable, thermally insulating, antimicrobial 3D polymeric sponges with very low density (≈30 mg cm−3), superhydrophobicity, and high
A Novel Soft Metal‐Polymer Composite for Multidirectional Pressure Energy Harvesting
DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201400024 bubbles remain trapped inside the sponge by means of solving sacrifi cing particles. The triboelectric phenomenon is promoted by periodic contact between miniature pieces
Stretchable and Soft Electronics using Liquid Metals
  • M. Dickey
  • Materials Science
    Advanced materials
  • 2017
The use of liquid metals based on gallium for soft and stretchable electronics is discussed, and these metals can be used actively to form memory devices, sensors, and diodes that are completely built from soft materials.
Ultralow-density nanostructured metal foams: combustion synthesis, morphology, and composition.
A relatively simple method to access unprecedented ultralow-density, nanostructured, monolithic, transition-metal foams, utilizing self-propagating combustion synthesis of novel transition- metal complexes containing high nitrogen energetic ligands is reported.
A Nature-Inspired, Flexible Substrate Strategy for Future Wearable Electronics.
Flexibility plays a vital role in wearable electronics. Repeated bending often leads to the dramatic decrease of conductivity because of the numerous microcracks formed in the metal coating layer,
Macroscale Elastomeric Conductors Generated from Hydrothermally Synthesized Metal‐Polymer Hybrid Nanocable Sponges
Sponge-like materials, composed of interconnected onedimensional nanostructures, have attracted intensive attention from researchers due to their high porosity, high surface area, light-weight, and